[TEASER] The Winner – Introduce


“The Leader or The Honest Man”

 Ex- Korean CIA Agent,

A Husband Who Lose His Family, Best Planing Maker,

Have a long history with his partner—Andrea Kim


” The Angels or The Con Woman “

Ex – Opera Actress , Art Thieft,

Andrea Has a collection of Aliases, include ” Andrea Kim”

and Nobody know who is her real name.

In love with The Leader – Lee Minho


” The Hittler “

  Legendary Assasin, Former Soldier,

Supporting his team in the Field, Andrea Kim’s Step Brother .


“The Hypocrisy”
Homeless have to fight to live, Needs Money to support his Family

 Best Friends with Song Minho


“The Hacker”

  Computer Specialist and Electronic Addicted

Graduate Student From high School,

Rich Kids who kicked out by His Step Family. 


“The Numbers”

Expert in Calculating.

Student who expelled from college beacuse he cant pay, His Scholarship revoked for Gross misconduct committed by campus.


” The Pick Pocket”

Introvert – akward around Other People, terrible Understanding of Social Form.

For the first time in his life he trusts someone other than himself.

His Favourite is Andrea who act like his sister to him.

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