Sorry To Protect and How To Get Password!!

Hai, Its Me … Alicia Kim…


Me and Ririn talk to much about, are we to protect Some of our FF or not..

and the Final Decision is.. “YES WE NEED PROTECT SOME OF OUR FF” 

“Why??” sebenernya simple sih, karena kita berdua bikin FF ditenga-tengah kesibukan dunia nyata, bahkan sampai membuat deadline agar kalian bisa segera membaca cerita selanjutnya (secara cuma-cuma) dengan harapan ada timbal balik yaitu leave Comment (sekedar untuk menilai bagaimana dengan Tulisan atau Ceritanya) tapi ternyata semua nya sia-sia..

How To get Password? You only need to leave comment and Send me email with Subject (The name of FF that you want to read) ^^



ISI : ID Comment, Judul FF beserta Part nya.


Atas perhatiannya dan Terimakasih.. ^^





We are Proudly Present!!


COLORFULL CINEMA with lots of 



Hello Everyone, I’m the real Onwer Kireinara or you can call me Alicia Kim. 

Which means I’m Director and Producers, I introduce you to My lovely Assistant Director and Editor Ririn Setyo, She will help me to create and present a compelling story for the reader as well.


The cinema will show the kinds of stories that are supported by:

  1. Boy band Members,

  2. Actors,

  3. Actress,

  4. Models (Korean or Overseas)  appear as Main Cast or Supporting Cast.

We leave Our Team Email and My twitter Account if you want to Chitchat with Us at: / @Qraelf

Please MAKE SURE  you LEAVE COMMENT  in every Chapter to help me made a more good Fan fiction for You


The last but not least Dont Showing Our Stories Without Our permissions or We will Sue You For Sure!! 

Thankyou Very Much ^^

Best Regards

KIM’s Cinema Team